Imagine Science Film Festival: REPLICATE

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10697153_10100465430814979_6109419883755195202_oImagine Science Films presented its first ever 48 Hour Film Competition in partnership with Panavision, The Science and Entertainment Exchange, Tribeca Film Institute, Nanotronics, and Made in NY Media Center by IFP.

There were 6 competing teams in NY that weekend to craft a short using a given prop, line of dialogue, character and scientist to work with. Quirolgico competed on Team 2, to produce “Replicate” directed by Gigi Polo, fellow New School graduate as well as Mario Paoli, Associate Professor at The New School and Yang Lin, Technical Associate at the New School.  Tal Danino of MIT was the assigned scientist and acted as scientific advisor for the non-narriative piece.

Parsons Insights Art and Design History and Theory Magazine Parsons Insights Art and Design History and Theory MagazineParsons Insights Art and Design History and Theory Magazine  ran an article interviewing Polo: Design Studies Alumna Participates in 48-Hr Imagine Science Film Festival Challenge



Watch A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks: Replicate

From: The 48 Hour Film Competition
Published on Oct 28, 2014

Filmmaker- Gigi Polo
Scientist- Tal Danino

Prompt: A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks

Prop: Time Piece
Line of Dialogue: “They said it would be ready at noon.”
Character: Eleanor Drew, Principal Investigator


A Film By Gigi Polo

Imagine Science Film Festival  2014

Gigi Polo

\Director of Photography\
Lauren Quirolgico

\Elenore Drew Played By\
Lauren Quirolgico

\Young Elenore Drew Played By\
MariaBelen Polo

\Voice Over\
Tal Danino
Gigi Polo

Gigi Polo
Mario Paoli
Lauren Quirolgico

\Sound Designer\
Mario Paoli

\Camera Operators\
Yang Lin
Lauren Quirolgico
Special Thanks to:
The New School
TwentyFiveEight Studios
Mark Dennenbaum
Mama and Papa Q