The Cost of Two Beers

Scranton, PA, May 2014 – The Cost of Two Beers is a short film with a unique strategy implemented to dissuade underage drinkers from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. A production commissioned by the Lackawanna District Attorney and The Lackawanna College Communication Arts and Media Technology Department, to  dissuade underage drinkers from getting behind the wheel.

The short film chronicles the consequences of making that decision, and does not vilify or make light any party involved in the process. It is an honest and authentic look at the legal process of underage drinking in the hopes that authenticity will speak to young viewers and the honesty of the story will dissuade any driving after even one drink.

With a run-time of 28 minutes, the short film will be shown in High Schools across the state and country as part of a program that end with discussion and, what is called, the ‘one and done pledge’ – that all participants will have an honest discussion with someone in their life and will have someone they can call at any hour to pick them up if they need a ride. This will hopefully give them that choice on Friday night at midnight, when they have to decide to drive home, or get in the car with a driver who has been drinking, that they know they have an option. They will also be given a “One and Done” key chain to take that message home with them.

Lauren had the honor of directing and editing this short film, as well as overseeing it’s development from story idea to inception. Students of Lackawanna College were implemented as crew for the production. It was truly a collaboration of community forces, between the District Attorney and The College  as well as TwentyFiveEight Studios. TwentyfiveEight lent it’s time, talent, equipment and it’s facilities to the cause to our great benefit. 

On Monday, April 28th the film premiered at the Lackawanna College Theater, formerly the Mellow Theater, to a large audience of people from the College, District Attorney Office, Scranton Police Dept and Holy Cross High School.